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Fri Feb 16 19:13:45 CET 2007

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, michael at wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, Mike Hodson wrote:
>>  On 2/16/07, Mike Hodson <mystica at> wrote:
>> >   I was about to post to gizmodo a few hours ago, thanks for reminding me 
>> >   :)
>>  Or not...considering I didn't realize their comment system was open to
>>  invitee's only. Bleh. closed comment pool = not worth my time reading
>>  any more. All hail openness...from phones to comments!
> Look for it on Digg - I think digg points to the gizmodo article, and anyone
> can join digg and post comments.
> I think it is VERY important to comment on the gizmodo article (even via 
> digg)
> because the comments have taken some misconceptions and then built upon them,
> giving an overall negative impression. I think it's very important to make
> clear, factual, very accurate responses to this article, and to avoid getting
> into an argument with other commentators about whether the iPhone is better
> than the Neo 1973 or not.
> While I agree with you that gizmodo is not where I would turn for info, 
> others
> may go there. It is a popular site.

Forgive my error. I think the troubling post was on engadget. At any rate, I
think my comments are still valid in general, and we may see more posts like
this that would be good to respond to.


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