openmoko and pre-paid cards

Mary Stovel mstovel at
Fri Feb 16 19:36:28 CET 2007

Here is my recent experience.  I had the same question as you so  
tried an experiment.

   I got the Motorola C139 with Cingular prepaid last week.  I am in  
the U.S.   I have a prepaid plan with T-mobile and a Nokia 6010 which  
I was able to unlock.  I put the Cingular Sim into the now unlocked  
Nokia and was able to get on the Cingular network.  So now I have a  
phone that takes either  SIM...(I am now trying to find the unlock  
codes for the C139 so that I can use the T-mobile SIM with the  
Cingular C139.)  I asked at the Cingular store and the T-Mobile  
store... that if I brought in my own "unlocked" phone,  could I get a  
SIM card without buying their phone... they said "yes".  I  asked if  
that applied to the prepaid plans and they said "yes".

So now I have a prepaid SIM from Cingular and T-Mobile waiting to go  
into the Neo.  I bet it will work great.
Hope this info helps!
P.S.  I like the flashlight feature on the C139...hope one of the  
developers can add this feature to the Neo...great for finding  
dropped items in the theater or under car seat ;-))

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