openmoko and pre-paid cards

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I'm going to chime in here again on this:

Here in the US, getting pre-paid voice service via a T-Mobile sim is no
problem exactly as Mary illustrates.

The problem is getting pre-paid GPRS access to anywhere on the net OUTSIDE
of T-Mobile's silly "T-Zones" walled garden.

~90% of the amazing applications that will be written for the OpenMoko/Neo
platform will involve pulling and pushing data to and from your handset via

T-Mobile or Sprint(??) must be induced to offer a prepaid GPRS service if
the OpenMoko/Neo platform is to be as fully successful as possible.

If this prepaid GPRS access fails to materialize, has anyone done any work
on creating a working cellular voice modem that could communicate via a
personal dialup gateway at home?

Alan McSwain

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Mary Stovel writes:

>Cingular C139.)  I asked at the Cingular store and the T-Mobile  
>store... that if I brought in my own "unlocked" phone,  could I get a  
>SIM card without buying their phone... they said "yes".  I  asked if  
>that applied to the prepaid plans and they said "yes".

My experience here was almost the same as yours -- the difference
being that all the plans I saw had a bottom-end phone that they'd give
you for "free" (in quotes since the plan subsidizes the phone).  They
told me I couldn't get an additional discount for not taking any phone
at all.

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