openmoko and pre-paid cards

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200702 at
Fri Feb 16 21:47:54 CET 2007

Mary Stovel <mstovel at> writes:
> I put the Cingular Sim into the now unlocked Nokia and was able to
> get on the Cingular network.  So now I have a phone that takes
> either SIM...

That's very promising.  Thanks for doing the experiment!

> (I am now trying to find the unlock codes for the C139 so that I can
> use the T-mobile SIM with the Cingular C139.)  

I understand that you need a cable called a T191 cable.  Its a cable
with a db9 on one end and a 2.5mm stereo plug on the other.  The plug
has tx on the tip and rx on the ring with ground on the ground sleeve.
Any number of programs for *that* *other* *OS* will use that cable to
grovel through the phone's memory and grab the unlock code.  I haven't
unlocked my Cingular C139 yet, but I'm sorely tempted.

> P.S.  I like the flashlight feature on the C139...hope one of the
> developers can add this feature to the Neo...great for finding
> dropped items in the theater or under car seat ;-))

I found just setting the wallpaper to "no wallpaper" give me a white
background on the home page which was almost as good and takes less
key-presses.  I agree the Neo needs a flashlight tool/icon on the
top-level screen.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht      

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