openmoko and pre-paid cards

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Fri Feb 16 22:04:26 CET 2007

Thanks, Perry..

Cingular is the other US GSM carrier.  

I can never seem to remember that name.

And, yes, I can't wait either.  It just galls me that I have to sign a
contract just to get GPRS access.


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"alan at" <alan at> writes:
> T-Mobile or Sprint(??) must be induced to offer a prepaid GPRS service if
> the OpenMoko/Neo platform is to be as fully successful as possible.

Sprint is CDMA, not GSM.

I'm not sure it is necessary that people use the phones in prepaid
mode, and it will in fact probably be more affordable for people if
they get a data plan.

In any case, a lot of this is getting somewhat ahead of ourselves --
I, for one, am eagerly anticipating just getting a phone to hack
on. Convincing providers to do various things may be exceptionally
hard until there is a userbase and obvious money to be made in
catering to it...


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