"Automatic Updates Notification" for the Neo?

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 16 22:09:29 CET 2007

Le vendredi 16 février 2007 à 13:00 -0500, Perry E. Metzger a écrit :
> kkr <kkr22.mpt56 at bluewin.ch> writes:
> > Would it be possible to have, as in Fedora Core 6, a kind of "Automatic
> > Updates Notification"?
> Anything is possible -- but remember, this is an open source
> project. The things we really want, we, the community, may have to
> write. This can be far better than any ordinary phone, but only if we
> make it possible.
> Perry

It's true :-)

I've expressed this idea because I believe that so, the feedback, from
beta tester, for developers, will be better...

If 99% of the phones have the version on which work developers (because
update to the last version is automatic, fast and easy), the feedback
will be better. There will be more luck than somebody finds and report
an error.

If only 10% of the phones have the current version (of any core
application: dialer, contacts,...), the feedback will be poor or
unrelevant... Isn't it?

I doesn't know how works fedora's module, but perhaps, it's easy to port
it to this phone (as it already exist and is too in open source).

Without this, how will we make the upgrade? Download and install a full
image and restore the data of the user?


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