RFC: Public targets having a big potential: Engineering schools

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at bluewin.ch
Sat Feb 17 01:15:05 CET 2007

Numerous applications expressed previously (on this mailling list) are
possible only if a big density of device exists.

When I've made my engineering school, we had to all buy a programmable
calculator (HP48, Sharp or Casio). In general, professor recommends the
one that they have. If the neo could replace this one, it makes us,
close to 1000 neo (1000 students) in the same building. 

With such a density of devices, about which all the owners know how to
program, this gives us an environment privileged to see appearing of
numerous original applications.

So, I guess that Engineering schools would be a good place to promote
the neo.

So that this one can replace the calculator, we need:

1. A scientific calculator application is required

2. A programming language (Basic or C) that can be use in standalone
   case (with no PC).

3. It must be able to be used during the examinations:
   For it, the functions of communications (GSM, bluetooth) must be
   able to be blocked or watched:
   a. GSM: It must be able to boot without SIM card
   b. Bluetooth must be watched by the teacher during the exam 
      (e.g.: The teacher's neo ping continously the bluetooth bdaddr of
      all neo's students, and if it receive one respond, the student
      is eliminated)

If it is possible (see 1, 2 and 3), we only have to convince some key
professor (e.g. by subsidizing a few of them - less than 5 or 10), and
the students will all have to buy one.

e.g. key teachers:
- mathematics (arguments: C language and scientific calculator)
- data transmission and telecom (argument: GSM, GPRS, bluetooth)
- real-time embedded systems
- civil engineering and environmental engineering (arguments GPS and
- microprocessor
- electronics

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