"Automatic Updates Notification" for the Neo?

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at bluewin.ch
Sat Feb 17 01:26:18 CET 2007

Le samedi 17 février 2007 à 00:53 +0100, Marcel de Jong a écrit :
> As Cliff already mentioned, it uses a tool called ipkg which is very

I sent my second email before receiving the Cliff answer (Which in
summer posted before my answer ;-)

> much alike Debian's (and Ubuntu's) apt-get system. And I'm sure you
> can set it to check the 'repositories' or 'feeds' (databases where the
> applications are distributed from) for the latest updates every time
> you connect it to the web via usb/bluetooth. (most likely done via a
> GUI but also with support for CLI; at least GPE and OPIE use the same
> system, and have both GUI and CLI)
> I have little experience with Fedora, so I don't know the similes with
> their system, but I'm sure it's very similar.
> ---
> Marcel de Jong

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