Wifi again

t3st3r t3st3r at mail.ru
Sat Feb 17 14:35:09 CET 2007

Mike Hodson wrote:
> [deleted]
> This is not a joke, this is a limitation in the production environment
> and time needed to come out with a working product.
Yeah but this means product which is not up-to-date :(. However I have 
to agree that there is a big challenge.

>   Please, PLEASE remember, that the first Neo1973 that comes out IS 
Yep. But I can see a dozen of developers who is also want to have some 
real use of their efforts after all (I can guess this motivates a bunch 
of open source developers). As for me, I'm like idea to take a part in 
device development and then enjoy by the results :).
> You can help write the applications to work with wifi, if you wanted
> to. 
Without Wi-Fi hardware on board to test on it? Er... but how this 
possible? Ok, actually I'm also quite weak programmer with only some 
moderate C knowledge :( but I'm a professional tester so I can help in 
testing existing stuff to make sure that people will like this phone, 
not to blame it. Also I like low-level programming (if some 
assembly-language stuff required, I can take a look, though my knowledge 
of ARM is far from perfect but I have a personal interest to learn ARM 
as much as possible).

> Then, when a production model for CONSUMERS comes out, I can
> almost guarantee wifi will be part of the equation, due to mass
> acceptance. 
Infinite loop. How can you offer wi-fi to customers if it was not 
developed BEFORE this moment?Turn customers to hardcore pre-alpha 
testers?Not every customer will like it.

> Also, as I have pointed out, among others, there will be
> another -5- more devices coming out based on the OpenMoko platform,
Sounds gust GREAT!
> which will expand into devices not strictly phones, but possibly other
> wonderful and interesting things.  Only time will tell what these 5
> more devices will be :)
Amazing. Can't sound better :D. I'm personally so tired of proprietary crap.
> Please, for now wait for a production and consumer mass market device
> before you start expecting things to happen. 
As for me, I will be probably able to use bluetooth.But bluetooth 
internet coverage still limited to home and BT and WiFi hardware is 
slightly different so this will not help anyone to get a working wi-fi 
they're dreaming for.

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