Wifi again

Martin Lefkowitz lefko at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 17 14:58:08 CET 2007

It would be more of a mistake to have the device delayed for developers
for another 3-6 months because they can't get the system to work because
it's too complicated with two different types of microwave coming into
the same device.  My suspicion is that you would be complaining about
that too, but which would you be complaining about more - this or that?

For what it's worth I am imagining just that situation for my application.


Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 14:24:58 +0300
> Alessandro Iurlano wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > On 2/16/07, *Esra Kummer* <esra at kummer.to <mailto:esra at kummer.to>> wrote:
>> >
>> >     So the Wifi will not be integrated in the first Neo 1973, but is
>> >     there a
>> >     chance for a hardware addon? Has someone some information about that?
>> >
>> >     Cheers
>> >     Esra
>> >
>> >
>> > Neo1973 will have a USB interface capable of connecting to a WiFi 
>> > adapter.
>> > But you will need external power for that adapter (or a powered USB 
>> > hub) because
>> > the phone USB interface is an unpowered one.
> Sounds like a joke. Can you imagine someone using this solution? Except 
> very few (most hardcore) geeks on the planet. Let's remember: mobile 
> phone is a PORTABLE device. Bunch of wires from USB hub + hub + usb 
> adapter will at least make this thingie hardly usable as, er... phone.
> P.S. As for me, I'm still do not understand, why there is no WI-FI built 
> in. This is a BIG hardware design mistake IMHO. Linux without network is 
> something like North Pole without snow. And the only somehow popular 
> networking in public places is WI-FI.
> [rest is deleted]

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