Content from the old wiki to the new wiki

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sun Feb 18 10:24:59 CET 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 02:50, ryan lerch wrote:
> The content transfer from the old wiki
> (
> to the new one (
> is about 1/3 complete. if you have some spare time, and are not a
> developer as such, yet want to help out, feel free to help us transfer
> this content over.
> for a run-down of the content that still needs to be migrated see the
> wiki's community portal:
Ok, I moved the FOSDEM article.
I created a new section ' FIC / OpenMoko at Events' on the new wiki to allow 
grouping all events together.

I have a few questions:
Should we delete the old articles? I just put the new URL at the top, but 
maybe it is best to delete it altogether?

How would I go about making a category 'events' so all events can be shown on 
a page grouped together, and the URL would become .../wiki/events/FOSDEM ?

Why can PDF files not be uploaded? it says that that is not a recommended 
image format, but I'm trying to upload it as a file, not image.

Is there no WIKI webmaster yet, for this kind of questions?

The Search function doesn't seem to work at all.



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