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Sun Feb 18 18:44:57 CET 2007

Marty, thanks for the interesting insight.

Martin Lefkowitz writes:
> what both Atheros and Broadcom have done is have a binary that
> handles the interface for the chip that needs to be included in the
> opensource project.

>From my limited understanding, it appears that both Broadcom and
Marvell use an embedded ARM chip also.  An interesting blog entry by
Jim Gettys (at http://www.gettysfamily.org/wordpress/?p=27 ) mentions
how Marvell helped free up the Marvel wifi driver.  He also talks
about how the Marvell chip is crucial to the OLPC low power goals.
(Although the 300mw estimate for the running chip strikes me as kind
of high for use on a cell phone where one has maybe 3 watt-hours of
battery all together.)

> BTW it's interesting that the HTC uses the ACX100.  I actually designed,
> and developed the first version of, that interface for TI.  

I wonder how its power compares.  I'd certainly expect TI to have more
engineering and manufacturing talent on hand for building a really low
power wifi chip.

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