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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sun Feb 18 20:18:13 CET 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 17:19, Ole Tange wrote:
> > Ok, I moved the FOSDEM article.
> >
> > I created a new section ' FIC / OpenMoko at Events' on the new wiki to
> > allow grouping all events together.
> I would think it might be better put under
Except that that page is not linkled from the front page, that I can see.
Could the Current_events page be set to show its 5 first items on the 
frontpage ?  (I'd use the views module if this was Drupal).
I added [[Category:events]] to both pages to tie them together for a start.

> > How would I go about making a category 'events' so all events can be
> > shown on a page grouped together, and the URL would become
> > .../wiki/events/FOSDEM ?
> A category is added using: [[Category:FOO]]. It will not create the
> URL, but it will make it easy to make pages like:
Ok, I used [[Category:events]] . It's irritating the way the wiki changes the 
capitalization all the time, reminds me of windows...

> Events are typically date centered. Would it be feasible to change all
> event titles, so they start with the start date in ISO8601:
> YYYY-MM-DD? Then the category page would show events in calendar
> order.
> 2007-02-23 FOSDEM
> 2007-03-15 Pingwinaria 2007
I tried that, by moving the current page, but the category links don't get 
updated, and I moved the main page first by accident (and moved it back), so 
in the end I left it like that.

> > The Search function doesn't seem to work at all.
> That is a bad bug report. 
If you search for NEO you get no results, so I thought it didn't work at all.
Now it seems it only searches the titles of pages, not the content, even after 
selecting all the checkboxes in 'preferences'.
Maybe that's by design, but then 'Search Title' would be a better description.



(BTW, no need to CC me offlist, I follow all posts to the list)

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