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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sun Feb 18 23:51:20 CET 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 22:58, Ole Tange wrote:
> That would be neat. However, I have never seen that done in MediaWiki.
> It might, however, be possible. If you find a solution, let me know.
> > > Events are typically date centered. Would it be feasible to change all
> > > event titles, so they start with the start date in ISO8601:
> > > YYYY-MM-DD? Then the category page would show events in calendar
> > > order.
> > > 2007-02-23 FOSDEM
> > > 2007-03-15 Pingwinaria 2007
> >
> > I tried that, by moving the current page, but the category links don't
> > get updated, and I moved the main page first by accident (and moved it
> > back), so in the end I left it like that.
> Could you elaborate with a few links so I can reproduce the problem you
> see?
I moved this:

To this:

but the links here:

Still point to 'FOSDEM', so the sort order won't be affected by the date.

By accident I also created

> There are no pages that contain the word NEO, that is why you get no
> results.
> However, if you search for a word that _does_ exist, it actually
> works. E.g. I just entered 'warning' and clicked 'Search' and I find
> 10 pages that contain the word 'warning'.
Ok, it seems to work somewhat. The word NEO does exist though, on the FOSDEM 
page I moved, and here:


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