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Mon Feb 19 07:58:04 CET 2007

Dnia niedziela, 18 lutego 2007, Martin Lefkowitz napisał:
> Marvell is a different story.  They have an SDIO system that has (I
> believe) an ARM inside.  They do even more inside the chip.  They do
> all the MAC level functions inside the chip.  This is going to be a
> problem for the company since more and more higher level functions are
> appear to be using the 802.11 protocol (e.g. CCX, TGv and TGk).  The
> last time I checked they were keeping up, but at some point I bet they
> are going to run out of resources both machine and human to keep up.
> In fact the complaints here should be about no SDIO, or CF interfaces,
> but again they've bitten off enough.

Marvel 8385 can be connected to SDIO, CF, SPI and it is one of chips you 
are talking about.

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