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Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Feb 19 16:37:26 CET 2007

On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 03:19:50PM +0000, Ian Stirling wrote:

> >Stuff like "Battery" and "I2C" e.g. come to my mind.  Also the "Buying
> >Interest List" is actually a "Neo1973 Buying Interest List", if you
> >think about it :)
> Well - to be honest, for me, it's not.

>From my point of view the whole 'buying interest list' isn't really
important for the wiki anyway.

For whom is that list?  FIC?  They will produce more than 64 phones
anywy ;) Its all cool and nice that people indicate their interest in
so many ways - but is it useful? 

Once goes online, there will be a possibility to pre-order
the Neo1973.

> While I am very grateful to FIC for their involvement in OpenMoko, if 
> someone came up with mostly comparable open hardware with Wifi, 
> available at a similar time, and it wasn't too much more expensive...

Well, it's the OpenMoko wiki, after all.  So if somebody else offered
comparable open hardware, plus there would be openmoko support for it:
Yes, I agree, then that would fit on a 'buying list' in the openmoko
wiki. Otherwise, if there's no relation to OpenMoko, there's no point in
having this information in the wiki.

And yes, such device support can (and will!) eventually be provided by
the community, no problem here at all.  We _do want_ to support more
devices in the future, but we (the current paid development team) can't
stretch our way too thin resources on that right now.

> If Motorola were to open the A1200, for example, it'd be a temptation. 
> (not very much, I'd really quite like GPS)

It doesn't have Wifi either, does it?

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