What service plan in New York City?

Marcel de Jong mdejong at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 00:37:31 CET 2007

On 2/19/07, Mike <fromlists at talkingspider.com> wrote:
> What service plan should I sign up for in new york city in anticipation of
> the openmoko?  In other words a plan that I can keep and switch to an
> openmoko phone with?
> I already know it has to be G3 and use sim cards.  I want to know,
> specifically, what carrier will work?  I'm in the largest city in america,
> surely some of the openmoko people will know what I can sign up for?

No it's not G3, but GSM. (and GPRS, G2.5?)

The two largest GSM players in the USA (that I know of) are Cingular
and T-Mobile. And then the question is which has the biggest coverage.
I believe that on t-mobile.com you can see a map with the coverage of
them in your area. And I'm sure Cingular has a similar page. :)

Please note, I'm not from the USA but I've read up on a few sources
about this, and heard stories from friends.

Marcel de Jong

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