What service plan in New York City?

Mike fromlists at talkingspider.com
Tue Feb 20 05:29:03 CET 2007

> "Mike" <fromlists at talkingspider.com> writes:
>> What service plan should I sign up for in new york city in anticipation
>> of
>> the openmoko?  In other words a plan that I can keep and switch to an
>> openmoko phone with?
>> I already know it has to be G3 and use sim cards.  I want to know,
>> specifically, what carrier will work?  I'm in the largest city in
>> america,
>> surely some of the openmoko people will know what I can sign up for?
> It seems a bit premature to be shopping for service this early. That
> said, the two GSM carriers in New York are T-mobile and Cingular, and
> either should be fine in terms of compatibility. (Cingular is about to
> be re-branded AT&T again.) I don't personally know which is going to
> give higher quality service -- I've heard complaints about both -- but
> with either it should be a simple matter of popping your SIM out of
> the old phone and into the Neo1973.
> Perry

Excellent I think I'll go with ATT/cingular since thats what I've got now
on my expiring pre-paid. thanks very much,


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