USB Connectivity

larpoux canardoux at
Tue Feb 20 06:47:04 CET 2007

A few questions about USB connectivity (sorry if the answers are already
somwhere, but I a am very newly interested in this project).

What is already working for the USB connection and what should be delopped?

1 - Is it possible to connect the phone to a computer host and pretend
that "we are a standard USB memory key", and automaticly mount a new
file system on the host without needing to install a very specific
driver on it ?

2 - Is it possible to pretend to the host that the phone is a standard 
USB/ethernet adaptator (like a Belkin adaptator), and automaticly
connect the PC and the phone on a private IP based network ?

3 - Is it possible to connect the phone to a real ethernet network
(hub), via a real USB/ethernet adaptator (Belkin for example) ?

Is there somewhere documentation on what already exists with USB
connection to a host (wiki page) ?

Is there an other possibility to connect the phone to an IP based
network, except by the USB connection (like IP above blue tooth ? )
Of course, the connection of the phone to a network is crucial  : SSH,
FTP, and a lot of nice things: X11 on an external XWindow server :-) ,
VNC :-) , voip :-) ...

I just decover Openmoko, and it is exactly what I was dreaming for the
past few years.
I already have two cellular phones running linux, but, (strangely), they
are completly closed.
My phone operator download a new software release from time to time on
them, but I have no documentation, no possibility to develop my own
packages, no comunity working on them, ...
Too bad that this project is somewhat now a little late and will be hard
to have great impact on the mass market. But Openmoko seems exactly what
was desesperaly needed for us, the hackers.

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