Warranty on phase 1 phones

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Tue Feb 20 17:22:43 CET 2007

* el jefe delito <eljefedelito at gmail.com> [070220 17:20]:
>    Would this warranty cover accidental breakage of the large screen, say by
>    leaning on it against a desk or something?

I fear not. It's the one most probable way to kill the phone, and
probably the most expensive part to replace.

(E.g. experiences with laptops show, that a dead display is
practically never repaired.)

>    I find it unlikely but it would really put minds at ease when spending a
>    small fortune on a phone; plus it might be that extra incentive to lure
>    even more to this phone...

Yeah, but that would be a thing for a mobile insurrance, not for the
product proper.


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