GPS time synch

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Tue Feb 20 17:57:43 CET 2007

Ian Stirling <openmoko at> writes:
> Based on ballpark estimates from other similar devices, it's probably
> around 70mW.
> This will really hurt if you keep it on all the time, fortunately, for
> most applications, you probably don't need to.
> If it works at 2s on, 30s off, as seems likely, this alone drains
> 1/30th of the battery per day, which isn't bad. Especially as you can
> probably back off a little if the phone has been stationary for
> several minutes.

Does GPS work well in such a mode? I seem to remember from various
handheld units that it can take quite a while (minutes) to sync up to
a given satellite. (For all I know, you *can* operate this way, I'm
completely clueless on the subject.)

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