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kenneth marken k-marken at
Tue Feb 20 21:05:35 CET 2007

Paul Bonser wrote:
> On 2/20/07, Perry E. Metzger <perry at> wrote:
>> michael at writes:
>> >> which seems to have a lot of what you're looking for (a lot of the
>> >> discussion on the various mailling lists seems to end up getting
>> >> distilled into wiki articles).
>> >
>> > It's interesting to note that most youngsters seem to prefer forums, 
>> and most
>> > of us old-timers (IIRC you're my age, Joe) prefer mailing lists. I 
>> wonder why
>> > that is?
>> The youngsters have seen a lot of web based posting systems, don't
>> remember usenet, don't have decent email systems that segregate lists
>> into different boxes, and thus don't understand why anyone would use
>> email or what the problems of web posting systems are.
>> Perry
> You talk about it like usenet isn't around anymore.
> I'm 23 and I remember usenet. It came in handy back in the day when I
> was learning C++. I think that proper threading is much more useful
> than the linear "threads" in web forums these days..

its fully possible in some forums to have proper threading...

and yes, im familiar with usenet. i even have a list of groups set up in 
thunderbird that i have not checked in ages...

> Anyway, I suppose that despite the fact that I might be considered a
> "youngster", I consider myself much less "technologically young" that
> most people my age.

good for you :)

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