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Sorry to bend the thread a little, but I wanted to respond to Andreas'
T9 comment. My position is neutral; T9 seems to work well for some
people and some purposes, not so well for others.

These folks did a decent usability test that should be useful to
consider when designing the onscreen keypad/board.  It compares T9 to
(You'll want a new-fangled browser)

Conclusion: T9 has a steeper learning curve but is more efficient for a
new user. 

I think the Fastap layout sacrifices familiarity to conserve space.
What should work better (imo, ymmv) with an onscreen input is a quick
way to flip between a numeric keypad and a qwerty/configurable keyboard.

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> My children (I've got one who just finished his undergrad degree in
> CS, and a second who is a pre-med) don't send much email, but are
> constantly texting.

Well, I do texting mostly on phones with a sensible keyboard or
grafitti entry system. And no, T9 is not a sensible input method IMHO.


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