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Tue Feb 20 21:34:40 CET 2007


I'd been assuming that  the PCB and/or schematics for the Neo1973 had been
made available along with the source code. Looking now, I realise that they

I'm a hardware kind of person, and I've been looking forward to creating
add-ons and modifications to my Neo1973 the second it arrives. Clearly the
schematic at least is required for this to be as convenient as I've imagined
an open-source project would be. A good example is adding things to the I2C

Searching the mailing lists and google I'm now feeling worried that I've
misunderstood, and that the schematics/layouts won't be available. I'm
hoping this isn't the case, perhaps they'll become available when the phone
reaches phase 1, or with the hacker's lunchbox.

Could someone tell me what's planned here?

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