Wiki Editing Guidelines

Lars Hallberg lah at
Wed Feb 21 10:31:42 CET 2007

Harald Welte skrev:
> This is really important not to confuse users.  Imagine somebody
> googling for "GSM Phone" and "Wifi" and he ends up in our wiki on a page
> that describes what wonderful things you can do with wifi on an [not
> explicitly marked as imaginary] OpenEZX phone.  Now that person buys a
> device, to only then find out that this is some wishlist/dream of
> somebody.

It's even more complicated... OpenMoko being a distribution. An idea may 
or may not be implemented in the distribution. May demand some hardware 
features of the device. Finally, different devices that physically have 
those features may or may not have these feature supported in the 

Marking things wishlist is a start, but listing needed hardware features 
is nest step, and when it matures and start being implemented, listing 
supported devices may be a good idea.

But maybe a list of OpenMoke supported devices and what features are 
supported for those devices can replace a list of supported device for 
each application/idea.


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