Emerging Telephony Conference Discount (fwd)

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Thu Feb 22 02:06:44 CET 2007

For people that are going - if you want to check out a really good voip
session go along and see Tim Panton talking about Mexuar Corraleta and




(for those that have no idea what I'm talking about www.asterisk.org
<http://www.asterisk.org/>  www.Mexuar.com <http://www.mexuar.com/> 

http://www.mexuar.com/downloads/Level1Products/CorraletaDemoSound.swf )



:-) little bit self serving but hey it's going to be a huge event.




Dean Collins
dean at mexuar.com 
+1-212-203-4357 Ph


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I've already registered, and paid, for this...


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Seems that O'Reilly will offer a 40% discount to a group, if someone in
registers us as a group.

To the extent that those of us on the mailing list are a group, who's in

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Any user group can do this ... they want just one person (chair, pres.,
organizer) of a group to register.  Looks like some good benefits for
to join.


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>> Our user group get's a discount from O'Reilly for ETel:
>>>> Emerging Telephony Conference:
>>>> Use code "xxxxxxxxxxx" when you register, and receive 40% off the
>>>> registration price.

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