Emerging Telephony Conference Discount (fwd)

michael at michaelshiloh.com michael at michaelshiloh.com
Thu Feb 22 03:03:45 CET 2007

1. SVHMPC has invited us to use their discount code by claiming to be a
   member of their club. Code is below.

2. If anyone wants to sign us up, some more info:

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There's actually a web site for community organizers to use to register their 
groups with O'Reilly. You get a discount on conferences, and it looks like you 
can get complementary copies of books for the purpose of reviewing them in 

The URL is http://ug.oreilly.com/

Cool stuff.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

-Matt H.

P.S. - I don't know what O'Reilly's policy on groups sharing discount codes is, 
but our group is very inclusive. That is, you can be a member simply by saying, 
"Hey, I'm interested in this stuff, I want to identify with others working on 
open mobile phones." So if you can't get a discount code for your group in 
time, I'm happy to "claim" anyone in the OpenMoko community as also being a 
member of the homebrew mobile phone club. Our interests are aligned, so I don't 
think it's a stretch. Please feel free to tell interested OpenMoko members 
about the fact that we published our discount code on our list ( which is 
available in our list archives at 

> > 
> > Our user group get's a discount from O'Reilly for ETel:
> > 
> > > > Emerging Telephony Conference:
> > > > Use code "etel07fnf40" when you register, and receive 40% off the
> > > > registration price.

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