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Expect the large carriers to do whatever they can to prevent from open
platforms to gain market share. One of their biggest concerns is turning
from *Cellular Service Providers* into *Wireless Network Providers* (which
is exactly what Neo will catalyze). There are suggestions being currently
made in the cellular industry to start charging a premium for accessing
certain URLs from cellphones (e.g., Skype :)), as well as other mid-evil
times ideas.

There are about 180 wireless providers in the US
( One way of
getting traction is with the smaller MVNO, which will see the Neo/OpenMoko
as a business opportunity rather than a threat. 


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Clearly, before the September mass market release, we should have
regionally oriented wikis that accurately list the Neo1973/OpenMoko
friendly carriers and connectivity options.  I also floated an idea
recently about an "Neo/OpenMoko Friendly" barnding program that falls in
along the same subject here.

For what it's worth, I got back an email from T-Mobile customer service and
they indicated that they had no plans at this time for the Neo1973.  But
they also seemed confused about my question in other ways.  I imagine that
until one of us gets a chance to talk to their VP of 'Keeping The Customer
Locked In Our Walled Garden', we'll never know if they see this
change/opportunity coming. 

The Neo/OpenMoko platform, if it takes off, **will** change how the major
carriers operate here in the U.S.  They will have to morph into something
more resembling their european cousins, and stop trying to grab market
share by using the latest fashion phone as bait, and instead, focus on
being competitive, low access barrier service providers and if they have
any sense at all, they will add value by enabling and supporting 'Mobile
Connectivity Computing' (MCC) by distributing and supporting MCC oriented


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On Thursday 22 February 2007 2:22 pm, Jeff Andros wrote:
> On 2/22/07, Gabriel Ambuehl <gabriel_ambuehl at> wrote:
> > On Thursday 22 February 2007 19:43:26 Sam Kome wrote:
> > > Yes, if the phone in question has been locked to another carrier:
> > >
> >
> > Still, nobody really forces you to buy SIM locked phone for all I
> > know. If you want cheap phones, that is usually the price...
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> in the U.S. carriers are basically the only "real" source of
> phones... and they only sell one kind.  it's also next to impossible
> to buy a plan without purchasing a phone as well(albeit a heavily
> subsidized one).  while there are retailers that sell sim-unlocked
> phones most of these are either internet order or slightly shady.  as
> I understand it, most other places this is not the case but it's the
> reality here
> when Sean's dad, or other "normal" consumers go out to purchase a
> phone, the only trustworthy source they can really find is from the
> carrier... so it's a self-perpetuating ecosystem

My experience has been somewhat different.  I purchased my last phone, 
under a contract, from CellularOne in the US.  It's a gsm quad-band 
Motorola V400.  It was unlocked at the time of purchase.  I've been off 
contract for over a year now and have successfully used sims from other 

The store from which I purchased the phone has told me that CellOne does 
not lock its phones.   

Before I found out about the Neo, I was planning on purchasing my next 
phone from Nokia's company-owned NYC store, where I got my N800.  All 
of their phones are unlocked.  


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