Marketing fodder for Neo: FCC presentation

dwight at dwight at
Fri Feb 23 18:24:26 CET 2007

On Friday 23 February 2007 06:40, Ian Stirling wrote:
> David Pinto wrote:
> > Expect the large carriers to do whatever they can to prevent from open
> > platforms to gain market share. One of their biggest concerns is turning
> > from *Cellular Service Providers* into *Wireless Network Providers*
> > (which is exactly what Neo will catalyze). There are suggestions being
> > currently made in the cellular industry to start charging a premium for
> > accessing certain URLs from cellphones (e.g., Skype :)), as well as other
> > mid-evil times ideas.
> >
> > There are about 180 wireless providers in the US
> > ( One way of
> > getting traction is with the smaller MVNO, which will see the
> > Neo/OpenMoko as a business opportunity rather than a threat.
> It all depends on the terms of service of the upstream connection of the
> MVNO. If the real networks they are hosted on can impose conditions on
> the virtual operators, then smaller operators are only helpful until the
> larger companies react.
> Of course, this may raise competition issues, and inspire legal action,
> which could go very wrong for the larger companies.
> They may simply choose to raise the prices to virtual operators.

Greetings. I've been lurking for a little while, but I saw this 
thread and thought you might find our experiences useful. I've been 
working with the SVHMPC group, and have become quite interested in 
OpenMoko lately.

You are exactly correct. The informal feedback that we've gotten is
that the Carriers are cautiously open to Open Source efforts. They
basically don't understand it yet.

What they DO understand is the desire to make money. If it can be
demonstrated to them that they can make money, and be put at a 
competitive advantage, then they are open to the idea.

For example, there are a ton of applications for this technology 
which have been stymied by the current lock-up-the-apps approach. 
We've seen several people/groups coming to our meetings asking 
questions on how to implement ideas they have.

One specific area is machine-to-machine implementations. These are
generally small markets which are barred entry due to the current
cost structure. But Open GSM phones suddenly enable them to do what
they want.

In short, my impression is that if the Carriers can make money, they
are cautiously interested.


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