Neo1973 With Screen On at PopSci!

kenneth marken k-marken at
Fri Feb 23 20:38:49 CET 2007

Bryan Fink wrote:
> Hi All.  I was just browsing for Neo1973 pictures, as I do every few
> days, and finally found pictures of a Neo with the screen on!  Check
> out Popular Science's 10-photo gallery:
> <> 
> Images 2 and 3 show the Neo booting up.  It's quite amazing how much
> text fits on that screen.

a very very sweet image seeing the classical linux boot scrolling over 
the screen with the penguin in the corner :) its allmost as if its alive 
when it does that. and its so informative when something goes wrong :D

looking forward to this phone. just sad that i recently got a new phone.

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