Neo1973 With Screen On at PopSci!

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Sat Feb 24 13:44:59 CET 2007

A simple checkbox/radio button in the config should suffice:
Geek Mode: On
This could allow an extra prefs menu with hundreds of settings from showing
the real boot screen to turning on debug for all apps (for example)
of course, turning Geek Mode(TM) off would set everything back to be very,
erm, 'consumer oriented'...


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The pictures were very nice, however, they better have a pretty graphical
boot screen for the final product.  That boot-up screen would scare the
average non-geek something fierce.  I can just see it now, "Oh no!  My phone
is broke!"
Maybe they could have a customization setting that would allow you to turn
the geek boot screen on, but have it a pretty graphical one by default.

Bryan Fink wrote: 

Hi All.  I was just browsing for Neo1973 pictures, as I do every few 
days, and finally found pictures of a Neo with the screen on!  Check 
out Popular Science's 10-photo gallery: 


Images 2 and 3 show the Neo booting up.  It's quite amazing how much 
text fits on that screen. 

The gallery is part of this short blog post: 


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