Neo1973 With Screen On at PopSci!

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Sat Feb 24 17:19:43 CET 2007

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On 10940 March 1977, Graham Auld wrote:

> A simple checkbox/radio button in the config should suffice:
> Geek Mode: On
> This could allow an extra prefs menu with hundreds of settings from 
> showing the real boot screen to turning on debug for all apps (for 
> example) of course, turning Geek Mode(TM) off would set everything 
> back to be very, erm, 'consumer oriented'...

No. If you have something like this it should keep what you changed, unless
you select an extra option "Go back to defaults".

bye Joerg
However, given my track record WRT editorial changes to foundation
documents, people ought to be examining this draft  _before_ the vote rather
than afterwards :) <87d5byftj1.fsf at>

I would tend to disagree with this, it annoys me to have a bit of kit where
changes can't be undone without setting the entire device back to defaults.
Consider for example, if changing the screensaver on your windows pc
required you to reset the install back to defaults/re-install windows just
to put the screen saver back to how it was before!

If you push a switch down to turn on a light, shouldn't you be able to turn
off the light by lifting the switch up???


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