Neo1973 With Screen On at PopSci!

michael at michael at
Sat Feb 24 20:27:25 CET 2007

On Sat, 24 Feb 2007, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

> Graham Auld writes:
>>> A simple checkbox/radio button in the config should suffice:
>>> Geek Mode: On
>>> This could allow an extra prefs menu with hundreds of settings from
>>> showing the real boot screen to turning on debug for all apps (for
>>> example) of course, turning Geek Mode(TM) off would set everything
>>> back to be very, erm, 'consumer oriented'...
>> No. If you have something like this it should keep what you changed, unless
>> you select an extra option "Go back to defaults".
> I *think* the intent -- and what I'd like to see -- would be a "geek
> mode" checkbox, with a second screen (or more) specifying exactly what
> was being watched.  Going into geek mode would turn on whatever was
> set in the second screen; coming back out would turn off all geeky
> output but not forget those settings.

Why does it have to be one or the other? why not have a separate box to check
for "return to factory settings", orthogonal to geep/consumer mode?

Or better, a factory settings menu, where you can select which settings to
return to factory mode or not?

Being an open platform, we'll probably have multiple versions of this control
program anyway, so we can all have what we want (if we are willing to write


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