Back from FOSDEM

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sat Feb 24 21:40:08 CET 2007


Sadly I missed the Friday beer event due to a work emergency - typical!
But I caught Sean and Dr Mickey at the presentation this afternoon.
It was a pretty funny event, because there were so many people...  There must 
have been about 200 people in an room that normally seats 72!
Tables were overturned to get more people in, half of them on the stage. 

The presentation itself was spontaneous and compelling. 
There was the almost customary 'I had a dream'-like vision of ubiquitous 
computing and the organic growth of new-world applications that we have come 
to expect from Sean, culminating in something like 'Your phone should learn 
you, you shouldn't learn your phone', and veering off into the spiritual, 
with calls to find new life forms. I'm not sure if 'go forth and multiply' 
was actually uttered, but there were some slides of simple digital 
amino-acids blossoming and multiplying into fractal flowers...
Anyway, all that was balanced by the first real OpenMoko screenshots, and they 
looked fantastic, interresting background information on FIC, some insight 
into their business-plan, on how they'd like to apply what the OpenMoko 
community comes-up with to other devices.
also a very interesting roadmap for the NEO hardware releases, with one extra 
stop we didn't know about yet where 'it' will happen...
I saw Mickey tapping on his NEO with a stylus, so it looks like the GUI is up 
and running... 
Overall an hour well spent.
I wont steal their thunder by going into details, but stay tuned for lots of 
interesting information from them over the next few weeks!



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