Platforms for Engineering school labs (Was: Re: RFC: Public targets having a big potential: Engineering schools)

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Sun Feb 25 05:08:56 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

On 2/25/07, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> Something else your post made me think of: Many engineering programs have labs
> that involve a particular hardware platform.
> OpenMoko would make an ideal platform for labs on all the different
> technologies involved: embedded systems programming, small screen UI, hardware
> control, modem interfacing and control, GPRS applications, etc.

Yes. For sure. This would make things easier for the students to
understand/experience practically. "Learning by practice" is the best
way IMO.

> Heck, some of you here could be teaching these classes. Perhaps just write up
> a proposal and send it to your local college extension program?
> Thoughts?

I have already submitted a proposal and will be speaking at a local
Engineering School Annual FLOSS Event (
next weekend. OpenMoko is definitely on the list and am collecting
information that will be apt to speak. Except that I have not got the
hardware or will not be able to until march to show some live demos
:-) But still since this event will be attended by quite some
Engineering school students I feel this would be a nice place to
promote it.

Suggestions on the content of OpenMoko Presentation are most welcome.

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