Platforms for Engineering school labs (Was: Re: RFC: Public targets having a big potential: Engineering schools)

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Sun Feb 25 08:09:06 CET 2007

On Sunday 25 February 2007 01:59, michael at wrote:
> Students will have access to the hardware via JTAG, and more via the
> lunchbox.

Yesterday photos were shown of the lunchbox. Sean said they were thinking of 
changing the name to something like 'OpenMoko Bombsquad' as 'lunchbox' 
carries too many negative connotations of school bullies and stolen lunch 
money ;o)  
It also *looks* like something out of Ghostbusters (as does the car-kit BTW, 
definitely high geek-appeal), I'm sure any science class could double its 
attendance just because people wanted to get their hands on the Bombsquad 
carrying case...


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