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Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Feb 25 09:44:11 CET 2007

Richard Bennett wrote:
> Sadly I missed the Friday beer event due to a work emergency - typical!
> But I caught Sean and Dr Mickey at the presentation this afternoon.
> It was a pretty funny event, because there were so many people...  There must 
> have been about 200 people in an room that normally seats 72!
> I wont steal their thunder by going into details, but stay tuned for lots of 
> interesting information from them over the next few weeks!

On the contrary, I think you are duty bound to report on the event in
all detail possible, including all photos and videos ...

Think of the thousands of people on this list who could not be there.

Who of the 200 people was the OpenMoko community record taker?  Please
report ...

-- Rod

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