Request for mFAQ entries

Doug Parker ispinn at
Sun Feb 25 22:57:10 CET 2007

If you happen to recall erroneous OpenMoko facts having been reported
online, feel free to add their factual content to the mFAQ as best you
can. (Facts needed are listed on the page.) That'll at least turn up
some leads to pursue to contact the authors and hopefully get them
corrected information. This is how I'm contributing for now.

I do remember a recent thread about WiFi availability having been
misreported. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about scanning the archives for





     "not true"

as a starting point for populating the mFAQ.

There's one *minor* entry on it and it's surprisingly difficult to
reach a human, or to reach the human who wrote it.

Onward through the fog... ;-)

Doug Parker

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