Shipment of phones

Marc Verwerft marc.js.verwerft at
Mon Feb 26 00:04:49 CET 2007

Hi all,

Since the order and shipment of the phones is coming closer, I thought
I should share this.

A couple of years ago I bought speakers from a Thai company. They were
shipped through TNT using EXW incoterm to Belgium - EU. They were
listed at 150$ (roughly 130 euro at that time) in Thailand. When they
arrived I had to pay an extra 95 euro for tax/customs - rights.

I contacted TNT about this and they told me that it was because the
company shipped the goods using EXW (see also
According to the helpdesk from TNT, if the company would have used CIF
on their invoice, it wouldn't have made a price difference for them,
but I would end up paying only 30 euro. Which is considerably less
then 95 !!

There is an entry in the Wiki about shipping notes, but before I
posted anything there I wanted to check/compare/confirm the above.

Any comments or similar experiences with buying goods from outside EU anyone?



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