YouTube (was: Back from FOSDEM)

Marcel de Jong mdejong at
Mon Feb 26 00:45:42 CET 2007

Hi Doug, *

On 2/26/07, Doug Parker <ispinn at> wrote:
> > > > What is the easiest way to distribute the video?
> >
> > Dailymotion / YouTube !!!!!!!! They have bw to burn :)
> Great idea, and it's not just a YouTube video posting--it's an ongoing
> marketing effort, and one that can give lots of visibility to the
> project if done right. The right keywords in the search terms and
> descriptive paragraph (for example iPhone, iPod, etc.) can spark lots
> of interest in the platform.

I'm not sure if using the words iPhone and iPod in the description
will help much, if those are not in the video. :) (Might cause some
backlash in the comments)

> There has to be enough geek-speak in the description to interest the
> hackers, yet not so much that the average person doesn't tune out, as
> well as enough meaningful consumer content, explanations, and
> buzzwords to catch the attention of the consumer crowd and make them
> want to forward it to their friends.

But this is indeed something to think about, for people who put up
videos of the phone on GooTube. :)


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