A timely rant: Time for SIM-free phones.

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Mon Feb 26 17:56:34 CET 2007

Sure not a problem but when you are finished 'papering' please explain
to all the consumers why the costs of their $49 (or free) handsets just
doubled or tripled to full retail/manufacturing costs.


No one is forcing you to buy these handsets.


Sim only plans are available.


Get over it and get real about what is important when it comes to gsm
mobile connectivity and the sales structure that carriers have chosen to
implement this connectivity with. Your arguments are childish and
boring, and give the masses more credit, they know that these devices
don't really cost $49 to build.




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We should paper the world with (something like) this rant ahead of the
wide release of Neo1973.  

The fettered masses really don't get it yet.   


Covers 8 myths which drive folks to buy locked phones and/or 2yr



"How would Apple fans react if the latest Mac computer was exclusively
locked to a particular ISP, was only available to people who live in
that ISP's service area, and people had to sign up to a 2 year contract
with that ISP? The Apple fans would be mad as hell, so why on earth are
they having to put up with exactly the same restrictions on a portable,
pocket-sized Mac computer called the iPhone?"


"How is it that Finland, a poorer, lower-density country without phone
contracts, and with a law banning locked phones, developed far better
phone coverage than America, the land of locked phones and 2 year




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