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Mon Feb 26 23:23:11 CET 2007

Richard Bennett schrieb:
> On Monday 26 February 2007 13:20, Rod Whitby wrote:
>>>> Ole Tange wrote:
>>>>> I had hoped there was video coverage of the event. When I found out
>>>>> there was not I asked one of the better seated persons to record the
>>>>> event using my pocket camera. I have yet to see if the recording is
>>>>> acceptable.
>>>>> What is the easiest way to distribute the video?
>> Thanks to Ole and SpeedEvil (on IRC), the FOSDEM talk is now on
>> - search for "openmoko" and you'll find it.
> One interesting thing is said at 30:20.
> Food for speculation...
> Would they really add *that* so late in the process?
> Richard
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Yeah that is indeed really interesting. From my point of view it would 
be fair to keep the community informed about the features that will be 
added in that "v2" of the Neo before selling the "developement" version. 
Even a developer will not really be amused about buying two phones in 6 

Regards, Denis

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