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Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Feb 26 23:27:28 CET 2007

Salve Stefan,*!

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Stefan Schmidt wrote:

> Hello.
> On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 16:57, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> > 
> > So we now know that the Nokia BL5C is a compatible battery which is
> > quite amazing, since those things are cheap and probably come in
> > variants with larger capacity as well...

I saw this and I can't believe that this was pure random and that 
Mickey and the other doesn't know that the battery is compatible to
an nokia one - but FIC must ask a component supplier for a battery
and this offerend a BL5C compatible one... :)))

I took an unsharp picture while Mickey plug in this battery into
the Neo:

This is a very good news - I think everybody feared like me to have
a non populare battery inside the Neo. ;))))
When I saw it correctly, the BL5C compatible battery was about 2 mm 
thinner than the Neo1973 ones.

> BL-5C gives even more hits on ebay. You should be able to get one
> around 5 Euro including shipping. Of course the battery only is 1 Eur.
> :)
> The highest capacity I found for this type until now is 1900mAH. IIRC
> the FIC one in your phone stated 1200mAH. So it's a nice upgrade. Of
> course some real life tests will show us more.

It's not only about the capacity when the accu is new, 
remember Jim's OLPC presentation - how many recharging
cycles will the accu "survive".

I found accus with an 3600mAh sticker on it:
3800mAh @ 3/4"

but the question is if it has it also in real live
or only the sticker on that. 1900mAH could be realistic,
but 3600mAh???
Says LiPo accus could have up to 130-200 Wh/kg....

Here is a polnish forum about the allegro offeres:
(I can't understand it but Li-Pol 1600mAh = 9,2mm?)

IMHO it would be nice when beside of ebay, we would
have a (little more) trustworthy source for higher capacity
accus for our neos (without the danger of melting/exploding

What do you think, when 
- we would have an battery USB-Hub with the same battery format
- the USB-Hub is dual use - with BL5C and AA(A) ?
- the USB-Hub could work as (second) battery charger
- the neo would allows to replace the battery inbetween 10 seconds
  without reboot 


Another good hardwarenews is that it seems that the Neo1973
audio jack is stereo out *and* mono mic in :)))

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