Shipment of phones

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at
Tue Feb 27 00:52:19 CET 2007

Le lundi 26 février 2007 à 00:04 +0100, Marc Verwerft a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Since the order and shipment of the phones is coming closer, I thought
> I should share this.

On the wiki, it seem the launch date as been pushed away... 
- Did I miss an e-mail?
- Is it a fresh announce from FOSDEM?
- Or is it a mistake on the wiki?

Wiki (
 Around 2007-03-25 Phase 1: Official Developer Launch

E-mail from Sean (20 Jan 2007) on the announce at
 2007-03-11 Phase 1: Official Developer Launch


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