Voice Activated Controls

jeff moe at blagblagblag.org
Tue Feb 27 04:53:40 CET 2007

Dean Collins wrote:
> No you wouldn't want to install Mexuar on your home asterisk server, it
> costs $US2,000 it's only meant for commercial installations.

Ok, but that's what you said in an earlier post.

> That's my point with Mexuar any java compliant browser not just your
> firefox browser can connect to your asterisk server.
> You will never be able to get every single person you communicate with
> to
> a/ install firefox
> b/ install the plugin

Nor get them all to have java... It does also presume they have decent 
bandwidth (both setups do). I'm in the "third world" and can tell you the 
bandwidth is not always there... Oh, and does the user have a microphone 
plugged in and placed correctly etc...

It also brings me to another point about the topic itself. The nice thing about 
pocketsphinx is that you don't have to be in cell/wifi coverage area for it to 
work. Since the neo and it's cousins will be more than just phones, that's 
definitely an advantage.

> BUT what it does mean is that you can have a sip or iax softphone on
> your Neo handset and then allow anyone with a browser to browse to any
> webpage you install the corraleta url on that they can call you for
> free.

Ya, free for them, $2,000 for me plus a closed solution tie-in.

It looks like these guys do a similar thing for free (but still closed):

Another for money:

Perhaps this one too:

Or these folks, back in 2004:


I think even google talk does click-to-talk, no?

> You guys still haven't got it yet,

Well don't presume what the rest of the world is thinking from a couple emails 
of mine... You sound version presumptuous.

> with enough bandwidth on a single
> Asterisk server and Mexuar, you could basically deliver calls to every
> Neo globally eliminating all inbound and international call charges.
> You still think I'm spamming Jeff?

Yes. Do you have financial interests with them at all? The original thread was 
about Voice Activated Controls and has devolved into this. I took the time out 
to check out your links only to find them dead ends since they are closed.

> Maybe I'm just thinking bigger picture which is why I keep talking about
> network services and you guys talk about gsm subsidies.

Ya, we're all so dumb here. Thank god you're around passing light.

Perhaps the reason many of us are here is because we are looking for free/open 
solutions and are very very tired of being bound to closed systems such as 
Mexuar, no matter how pretty their flash is. Maybe we're actually thinking 
about the bigger picture (e.g. free/open) and you're just talking about 
subsidies for your companies...


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