Voice Activated Controls - pocketsphinx RPMS

jeff moe at blagblagblag.org
Tue Feb 27 05:08:40 CET 2007

jeff wrote:
> Jonathon Suggs wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any software for natural language processing that
>> could be ported to OM/Neo?  I really like some of the software that is
>> available for the PocketPC (MS Voice Commander and Fonix).  They both
>> run and work well on a resource limited platform as well, so it *can* be
>> done, but both are closed.
>> Here are a couple of OS engines:
>> http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/pocketsphinx/
>> http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en_index.php?q=en/index.html
>> http://xvoice.sourceforge.net/
>> So I guess, is there already any voice control software planned/worked
>> on for use in OpenMoko?  If not, I'll help out, but can we get a project
>> up and running?
> I have tried sphinx a few times over the last few years (the project has 
> been around for quite awhile). It never was great for continuous 
> processing like dictating an email, but it worked fine if you gave it a 
> set of commands and a limited dictionary.
> pocketsphinx is already in openembedded and it compiles fine. OE is 
> currently using pocketsphinx 0.2.1 and sphinxbase 0.1. The current 
> upstream releases are pocketsphinx 0.3 and sphinxbase 0.2.1.   I bumped 
> the version numbers in the *.bb files and they still compile fine. Now 
> to actually test them on a neo someday... ;)
> As for xvoice (which looks kind of abandoned), this pretty much sums it 
> up: "In order to run xvoice, you will need a licensed version of 
> ViaVoice for Linux."
> Julius looks very nice, but they only have Japanese models at the moment.
> I have also seen, in the long past, one that used the method suggested 
> another place in this thread: you record a sample and when that sample 
> is later detected it triggers a script. This is a different approach--no 
> language models, not speaker independent, etc. But it is also quite 
> flexible and typically pretty accurate. When I gave it a run years ago, 
> the project I used sort of looked like a "one off" (e.g. a guy's weekend 
> project later forgotten). Now if only I could remember it's name... ;)
> So, in sum, sphinx is ready today though there are other options. It 
> would be interesting to hear from other openembedded folks how well 
> sphinx has worked on 200MHz-ish ARM-like processors.

Ok, I built some quick & dirty pocketsphinx packages for FC6-based distros so 
folks can start kicking around sphinx before their neos arrive.  :)   Untested...

You'll need the pocketsphinx and sphinxbase packages:

If you are running a different RPM based distro you can get the SRPMS to 
rebuild from here:

Have fun,


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