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denis denis at
Tue Feb 27 08:09:57 CET 2007

Paul Bonser schrieb:
> On 2/26/07, denis <denis at> wrote:
>> Yeah that is indeed really interesting. From my point of view it would
>> be fair to keep the community informed about the features that will be
>> added in that "v2" of the Neo before selling the "developement" version.
>> Even a developer will not really be amused about buying two phones in 6
>> month.
> Sean already said that they will be giving some sort of discount on
> the v2 phone for those who buy the v1 phone...
I know that. But what is the discount? Is it 20% or 50%? I won't buy a 
phone from which I know there will be a better version available 6 
months later. So there need to be some sort of clear statement. ("It's a 
bonus of x % and that will be the features you miss in V1")

Regards, Denis

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