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Tue Feb 27 10:52:06 CET 2007

Richard Bennett schrieb:
> On Tuesday 27 February 2007 09:07, denis wrote:
>> Have you ever seen Nokia (or any other company) announcing the SAME
>> device (just with 2-5 more features) in 6 months. I have never seen this.
> Yeah. I think it is really great that they are so open about these things. At 
> least this way everybody has a choice - either use the simulator to develop 
> your apps, and buy the phone after the hardware upgrade (yes, after they add 
> WIFI, motion detectors, stereo mics, multi-point touch screen and a 
> heart-rate monitor), or if you can afford it, buy one early and upgrade 
> later-on at a reduced price.
> Any other company would just release the updated phone 2 weeks after you 
> bought yours, and wouldn't offer a trade-in deal...
> Richard
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Why can't they just tell us what the features will be? Is it so 
difficult to be open? In my opinion it would bring much more credibility 
for FIC. I don't understand why it is so important to keep the things 
secret. At the moment I don't see much difference to a normal hardware 
producer. But let us wait and see if there will be some more details 
about v2 in the next time. I've decided to wait untill the 4-5 devices 
are announced and I get to know the specs.

Regards, Denis

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