Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

Aloril aloril at
Tue Feb 27 16:12:31 CET 2007

When phone is lost and somebody picks it up, it would first ask PIN
and have message in screen that says something like "If you don't know
PIN, give 1234". If user types 1234 then it presents 2 buttons:
"Contact owner of phone" and "Use phone" (==I'm stealing this). If
user selects "Use phone", then it would present factory looking
interface with empty address book, etc.. and quietly contact owner
anyway and tell current coordinates ;-) Idea is keep thief using phone
until police arrives and recovers it. If phone notices new SIM, it
would go directly to "I'm stolen" mode. Maybe run under Linux-VServer in stolen mode.

With suitable arrangement remote ssh connection to phone should be
possible which would give nice control over stolen phone.

There could also be a bluetooth headset and/or bluetooth watch.  If it
loses contact to phone, phone would complain loudly and if bluetooth
gadget is enough smart it could complain too. This gadget could warn
about low battery too.

Aloril <aloril at>

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