FOSDEM OpenMoko talk now on

Igor Foox igorfoox at
Tue Feb 27 17:26:42 CET 2007

On 2/26/07, Rod Whitby <rod at> wrote:
> >> Ole Tange wrote:
> >> > I had hoped there was video coverage of the event. When I found out
> >> > there was not I asked one of the better seated persons to record the
> >> > event using my pocket camera. I have yet to see if the recording is
> >> > acceptable.
> >> >
> >> > What is the easiest way to distribute the video?
> Thanks to Ole and SpeedEvil (on IRC), the FOSDEM talk is now on
> - search for "openmoko" and you'll find it.

Can anyone who was present at FOSDEM tell the rest of us what the
pricing options for the Neo are? There is a slide in the video where
Sean talks about the pricing for the {Regular,Car Kit, Hacker's
Lunchbox} and the included accessories, but he never says the price
outloud, and alas the slides are incomprehensible. :P


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